Welcome to ALBINA

Here at ALBINA we believe it’s about making small mindful choices each day, as simple as deciding what to fuel you body with and which has the power to benefit your health, the environment and the planet too.

That’s why we are passionate about creating nourishing products like our delicious range of nutritional fruit juices. We take care in selecting quality local fruits direct from the farm  to make the choice an easy one for you.  We always use fresh, real natural  ingredients over artificial substitutes and never add preservatives to our products. That’s just a part of our commitment towards promoting healthy lifestyles.

Fruit juices have become an integral part of the human diet and are enjoyed by people of all ages because they provide fast energy and vital nutrients. Fruit juices are easily made by extracting the pulp from fruits and are commonly consumed as a beverage or used to flavor foods.


To meet the needs of our customers while being  the leading company of producing quality products.


To provide customers with high level of service and always keeping our juice products and all other products accessible for our customers.


We take responsibility and are loyal to the environment because we believe nature is our most precious resource, and it is for this reason that we have been consciously working as an organization to operate responsibly.

We choose to reduce our waste output even further and protect nature for ourselves and future generations by wisely using our materials. 


ALBINA was the first juice and beverage brand of the  CONTINENTAL Grupa, and it was launched in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2019. We’re still one of the few locally created   juice companies. Our ultimate goal is that our brend becomes a a faithful companion of future generations. Albina began with modest beginnings, and it is with appreciation and pride that we have developed into a regionally recognized brand.Our product mix now includes fruit beverages, fruit juices, non-carbonated drinks. In the near future the company’s development plans are processing fruits and vegetables into various finished products.